The Market in a box.

Market. The name we have chosen for this venue. An everyday market to buy and sell goods, enjoy a meal, appreciate a drink and listen to music concerts or browsing an arts exhibition. The feel-good meeting point to hang out with friends in an ambience of fresh scents of just in products from land and sea.


The market. For you and me, it is for our visitors, too. And we are keen on sharing our lifestyle with everybody. How about going for a drink at the arket? I 'm going to the market to buy some flowers. We have a poetry recital at the market today. This is what the market is: all in a box. Taste. Tradition. Culture.

The revival of the market.


The Market. A favourite place to buy and sell for many decades. A place for trade, knowledge, partnerships; a familiar place for the good deals you can get on nice, fresh quality goods. It still will be the same as ever.m

"The market binds soil and sea to the city. It is where we are bound and where our bonds shall be. In a flowery bouquet, a savoury sip of wine with tasty prosciutto or seafood tapas listening to a passionate violin."

Here we are bound.

Os mercados e as feiras serviam também para as pessoas estarem umas com as outras, conversarem, contarem as suas aventuras ou os seus desencontros, para rirem, ouvirem, falarem, enfim, para serem e estarem bem. Para conviver. O Mercado de agora, dos tempos modernos vai continuar a ser muito isto. E mais ainda.


O passado fez-se presente. A memória de tempos idos reaparece agora em força. Uma memória escondida, mas que existe. Projetado no presente para um futuro com raízes no passado. Um passado que queremos voltar a viver, que queremos transmitir a quem nos visita. Um passado que queremos ser.

Para estarmos uns com os outros.